What Is 2Pac?

2Pac is a resilient finishing product which is sprayed on and sets to a hard, glossy texture. It is an alternative product to the standard Lamiwood finish and offers a range of styles and edge profiles and no joins to the edging. 2Pac is available in a range of colour options.

Are Stone Benchtops more expensive?

Yes, stone bench tops will increase your budget.

What is the difference between granite & reconstituted stone? ( Man made)

Granite is a natural product, sourced straight from the earth, whereas, Reconstituted stone is engineered and predominately Quartz based. Both are ideal for a wide range of bench top projects.

Are gloss laminate benchtops included in your standard proposal?


Is there an alternative to 2Pac?

Yes, we have a variety of options. We invite you to speak to our staff about 2pac alternatives and what would best suit your requirements.

What is your cabinetry made out of?

HMR; Highly Moisture Resistant material. This durable material is engineered to withstand difficult environments and maintain structural integrity. This means long lasting, resilient cabinetry solutions.

What material do you use for your kickboards?

WP Ply; Water Proof Ply. Resilient, long-lasting and made to withstand a variety of environments.

Do soft close doors & drawers cost extra?

No, at Pioneer Cabinets these are a standard inclusion in our quotes. Some exceptions do apply. Please speak to our friendly staff at consultation.